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Daily Schedule


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This is an example of our daily routine.  Depending on the weather, this may include outside time so please dress your child in appropriate clothing for outdoor play.  For girls it is easier to climb if they aren't wearing dresses and frilly clothes - please pants or shorts :) CLOSE TOED SHOES please!  Also for potty training toddlers - easy clothes to pull up and down!  No buttons, buckles, snaps - it is hard for the kiddos to get to the potty quickly if we are messing with extra items on their clothes ;)
It will depend on the children as to what happens on any given day.  This is what we shoot for though.

Our mornings normally consist of quiet time, breakfast, free play, morning snack.  CIRCLE TIME starts promptly at 9:15 - 9:30 every morning it consists of an Open Curriculum but we focus on Kindergarten Readiness: the alphabet, numbers, colors, and sometimes we do crafts.  


Monday's - Reading

Tuesday's - ABC Mouse

Wednesday's - Math

Thursday's - Science

Friday's - Writing


The children do nap every day between 12:30/1:00 - 2:30/3:00.  For those children that do not nap any longer they will have some quiet time with books or a movie while the others sleep.


Our afternoons consist of a delicious snack, some more free play and clean up.  

If it is nice outside we go out to play on the 20 x 20 deck.  There are no stairs on the deck either so we have a lot of fun out here! 


Play area on deck - NO STAIRS!







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