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My Pets


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Kira Sam and Zoey

This is Sam he is a year old and a Black Lab and Flat Coated Retriever mix.  He loves being with everyone and spends his days downstairs with Kira. 



This is Zoey - she is our rescue we adopted from a high kill shelter in South Carolina.  She is border collie/flat coated retriever mix about 2 years old.  Sweet girl!


My name is Kira and I am a 12 year old Black Lab mix.  I am very friendly and love to give kisses.  Don't get too close unless you want a great big wet kiss!!  I like to play outside and I stay dry downstairs on rainy days.  I like to be very close to mom so I don't get to go play with the kids very much.  


There is a "Notification of Pets on Premises" form that you will need to sign upon enrolling your children.  My dog is current on her shots and I would be happy to show you our Rabies certificate if you would like to see it. 
My dogs are very friendly, but I usually keep them away from the children.  This is mostly for their safety. Plus because of the size of Sam and Kira they can be a bit overwhelming to the toddlers.  BUT - There may be times that your child may come into contact with my pets so if they have a fear of dogs this is not the environment for them.

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