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My Services


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This page allows me to describe and give prices for the services I provide.

Since a stable income is essential to the operation of my child care services, payment is due in full whether or not your child(ren) attends every day.  While in my care you are paying for a specific slot, not per hour or per day, therefore no discounts are given if your child(ren) does not come for care. I also charge a 1 week non-refundable enrollment fee that will go towards your last week of care once enrolled with me for 6 months.




Call me for rate information.........

There are many forms that are required to be on file in order for me to care for your children.  Please call and schedule an interview to learn more about us and to obtain a childcare packet.  The packet will include the following forms which need to be filled out and returned to me on or before the first day of childcare:
Parent Provider Agreement
Enrollment Form
Information for Parents Form
Emergency Preparedness Form
Emergency Medical Authorization Form 
Permission For Field Trips
Notification of Dogs on Premises
Permission to Photograph
Proof of Age and Identification
USDA Food Program
Liabilty Insurance Notification
It is also necessary to have a current physical and copy of immunization records on or before the first day of care. This is now a State Requirement.
Please call me at (540)720-3179
to set up a time to meet.

Tracy's Tiny Tots
Licensed Home Child Care Provider
Stafford, Virginia 22554